How to Clean the Tomato Sauce Stains

As we all know that tomato sauce and the tomato juice are the essential and the basic ingredients in almost all of the dishes. Unluckily, tomato sauce leaves unsightly and nasty orange stains. And it is extremely difficult to remove tomato stains which are the basic problem.


Following are the procedures of how to clean the tomato sauce stains.

Procedure: No: 1:

Removing Fresh Tomato Sauce Stains

Material Required:

• Palmolive or Dawn dish soap
• Cold water

Instructions to Remove the Fresh Tomato Sauce Stains

1. Oil components are present in tomato stains and these stains can be removed by using dish soaps as they are really effective.

2. In the first step dish soap, for instance, Dawn or Palmolive is applied to the stain in the smallest amount.

3. Use the finger to gently scrub the stains. Or both sides of the cloth are rubbed together.

4. Cold water is used to rinse.

5. If any of the stain left, then, you need to repeat the process.

6. After the stains are eradicated or removed, wash the cloth as usual.

7. The fabric or the shirt should not be dried till all the stains are totally removed.

Procedure: No: 2:

Removing “Set” Tomato Sauce Stains

Material Required:

 Dishwasher detergent (make sure detergent does not contain bleach if the fabric is colored)

 Vinegar
 Ice cube

Instructions to Remove the Set Tomato Sauce Stains

1. Stained area is wetted with the help of water.

2. Dishwasher detergent is applied to the stain and then, the stain area needs to be lightly rubbed. Make sure, firstly a small unseen area is spot tested whether the texture or the color of the cloth changes or not.

3. Now, an ice cube is taken and you need to rub that ice on the stained area in order to rub out that stain.

4. If still any of the stain is left behind then, you need to take a clean cloth that is soaked in the vinegar and then, bolt that stain with that cloth. Any of the leftover stains are removed by the acid present in the vinegar.

5. Launder your fabric as usual, when all the tomato stains are removed.

Procedure: No: 3:

Boiling Water Method to Clean Tomato Sauce Stains

Material Required:

• Boiling water
• Heat resistant bowl

Instructions to clean tomato sauce stains

1. A bowl is taken and the fabric needs to be placed over that bowl, this positioned the stain in the middle of the bowl. The fabric is slightly stretched.

2. A pan or a kettle is taken in order to boil the water.

3. Now, the boiling water is poured down on the stained area of the fabric.

4. As the boiling water passes across the fabric, it is going to remove all the stains.


Five Ways to Keep Your Bathroom Clean

The task of cleaning the bathroom takes a lot of time as it has a different kind of surfaces. How to clean toilet bowl stains with coke and get rid of toilet bowl stains easily? And it is such kind of place in any of the house that needs regular cleaning because of its frequent use. Cleaning a washroom is not one of the favorite items to do in any house.
So, following are the five ways to keep your bathroom cleaning.

1. Toilet Bowl Cleaner

In order to keep your bathroom toilet bowl clean you need one cup of baking soda and two cups of white vinegar. One cup of baking soda is need be poured down in the toilet. After that, you need to pour down two cups of vinegar. As, all of us knows that combining vinegar, which is an acid and baking soda, which is considered as a base is going to form a chemical reaction. After the bubbling, fizzing and sparkling subsidies, toilet brush will be taken and scrub the washroom.


2. Bathtub and Sink Scrub

Soap scum plus additional buildup on the tubs and sinks can be removed with this cleaning scrub. The material that we required us one cup of baking soda, ½ cup of Castile soap and 3 to 4 drops peppermint essential oil or tea tree. Now, a bowl is taken and you need to put baking soda in it. Then, you need to gradually add up the soap till the mixture becomes dense and thick. Antibacterial essential soap is also being added in it, for instance, peppermint essential soap or tea tree. A damp cloth or a sponge is taken and the mixture is exposed to it. And then, a good scrubbing and cleaning is given to sinks and bathtub.

3. Install ample towel bars

You can install ample towel bars and towels are hung across that ample towel bar and because of this, towels are going to dry rapidly and quickly. And your bathroom is going to look neater and organized. And if there is no space you can place hooks or the towel bars over the wall. This is going to keep your bathroom clean and organized.

4. Create order in your cabinets

A clutter free counter is installed in the bathroom that helps you to keep your hair tools, cosmetics and many more things in that cabinet. In this way all these things are stashed or hidden. And you can easily reach for it. This is going to give an organized and a clean look to your bathroom.

5. Clog Remover

This is an all-natural and regular clog remover that is going to easily get the job done. The material that required is around ½ cup of baking soda, ½ cup of white vinegar and hot water. Now, baking soda is needed to be poured down on the offending and the clogged drain. After this, vinegar is poured down. Allow it to stay there for at least 10 minutes. Now, a full kettle of hot boiling water is also poured down the drain. If you think that the process is requires repeating, then, repeat it with more water. A drain snake can be used if the clogged drain is not opening. A drain snake is available in all hardware stores.

Bring Your Sunroom Alive with Wicker Sunroom Furniture

There’s something about wicker sunroom furniture that just can’t be put into words. It’s light, versatile and extremely durable. For more home décor ideas visit homeaholic that is full of useful information about home needs. If you plan on using your sunroom frequently you’ll want to invest in some high quality wicker furniture that will bring out the best in your room and make it a cozy and inviting place to settle during any month of the year.


When you use wicker sunroom furniture you’ll feel like you’re escaping to a tropical holiday destination. You’ll be able to lounge in the chairs or sofa to your heart’s content as the sun sets or rises in the most beautiful home in your house. The sunroom is the place that you can escape to when you need to get away from everything and get back into connection with the outdoors to some extent.

The history of wicker

Wicker was originally used in Egypt and can be traced back to biblical times. The first artifact made of wicker has been found in Egypt. Wicker made its way to the rest of the globe around the 1400 BC mark according to archaeologists. At the time it was used for tool making and then progressed as a material used for other purposes.

Wicker today

Today Wicker is used to make a variety of furniture and baskets. Since it is such a strong material it can be used for any type of furniture including shelving units that need to be extra strong. Wicker baskets can also hold a lot of weight and that is why they are perfect for virtually any type of use you can think of.


When you’re shopping for wicker sunroom furniture you’ll have a wide range of choices. You can either select furniture that’s made of wicker only or beautiful wicker and wood designs. It’s fascinating to see how well wood and wicker complement each other and you can certainly find some stunning pieces that will absolutely make your sunroom come alive.

Understanding wicker

Wicker furniture can be made from different materials including rattan, bamboo, reads, willow or peel cane. These materials are woven together in various patterns and shapes. When you look closely at the different wicker sunroom furniture available you’ll see that the different pieces are woven together differently. Some have a tighter weave to them and they are usually priced the highest. The tighter the weave on a piece of furniture the stronger you can expect it to be.

Styles of wicker sunroom furniture

When you’re out and about shopping for new sunroom furniture you’re going to be amazed at the wide selection available. In today’s market there are sofas, rockers, ottomans, chairs, all sorts of tables, love seats, coffee tables and even swinging chairs to choose from. You’ll also have your choice of colors so that you can pick the perfect wicker piece of furniture to complement your sunroom. There are sets as well that you can purchase so that all of the furniture in your sunroom matches.

You may also want to decide to mix and match your sunroom furniture to add a bit of variety to the space. There are no rules when it comes to decorating the sunroom since it is meant to be more of a casual and relaxed part of the house. This gives you a lot of flexibility to work with when you’re choosing your furniture.

You can choose to buy wicker furniture that comes with cushions or not. Sometimes you might want to choose the plain wicker look while at other times you might want to dress up the wicker to its full potential by purchasing cushions that have wild designs or trendy patterns on them. You’ll want to find out ahead of time, however, whether the cushions or fabric that are on display with the wicker furniture are included in the price or are priced separately. These add-ons are not always included and since they can be quite pricey you’ll need to find out beforehand.

When it comes to the price, you’ll also need to find out whether the cushions have already been stain guarded or not. If not, you’ll also have to purchase a stain guarded fabric treatment for them to make sure that they don’t get stained before you’ve even had a chance to really break in the furniture.

With the wear and tear that you’ll expect on this sunroom furniture you’ll want to protect the cushions as much as possible. Once they have become dirty it’s a lot harder to get them looking like new again than it is to simply take a few minutes and spray them with a protector before actually using them.

When it comes to your precious new wicker sunroom furniture you won’t want to take any chances. Make sure that you check out the prices, protect your cushions and make the right choice about style and color. Once you’ve found the right furniture pieces at the right price you’ll be able to introduce them into your sunroom and enjoy them for many years to come.

Best Ways to the Clean Dust of the Sofa

The perfect place to relax and calm down after a long and tidy day is your comfortable sofa or couch and it provides an essential and needed comfort. And sometimes these sofas or couches take in late-night snack or stinky feet. Whenever there is a party in your house or you come from work, you always want to relax and feel comfortable on a clean and dust less sofa. You sofa gets grimy, dirty and as well as it collects the whole things from the dead cells of skins and waste and excess crumbs of food and it requires a deep cleaning to remove all these.
You should have to clean your sofas once in a month and it depends upon how much dirty your sofa is.

Following are the best ways to clean the dust of the sofa.

1.    Vacuum

A hand vacuum or even a vacuum brush attachment is used in order to clean the dust and remaining from the surface of the sofa. Cracks and gaps should also be cleaned as pet hair, dust, dirt and food crumbs are accumulated. Cushions should also be vacuumed from both sides.

2.    Clean the wood or metal areas

A mixture of liquid dish soap and warm water is used to wipe down the non-fabric portions of the sofa as well as the sofa feet.

3.    Determine the type of fabric you’re dealing with

You should have to read all the guidelines from the cough’s tag to clean the dust of the sofa. Following are the codes that are found on the tag.

•    WS: Dry-cleaning detergent or steam vacuum mild detergent should be used.
•    S: Dry cleaner detergent should be used only.
•    X: only a vacuum should be used. No water.
•    W: Water should be used.

4.    Remove stains

A commercial cleaner is used to remove the sofa stains. While, homemade cleaners that are made from the natural ingredients can also be used to remove sofa stains as it is cheaper.

The following is how to clean dust off the sofa by means of fabric type:

•    For fabric upholstery:

¼ cups of vinegar are mixed in 3/4 warm water. One tablespoon of Castile soap or dish soap is also added to the mixture. A spray bottle is used to fill the mixture. Spray on the soil or dirty area. A soft cloth is used to scrub it till all the stains and dirt lifts. Then, the soap is removed by using a second clean, wet cloth with clean water. At the end, a towel is used to dry it.

•    For leather fabric

1/2 cups of olive oil are mixed in 1/4 cups of vinegar. A spray bottle is used to fill the mixture in it. The cleaner is sprayed on the couch’s surface. And a soft cloth is taken to buff.

5.    Let the couch, dry.

The remaining excess water on sofa surface is soaked up by using a towel. Allow the sofa to dry through the air. In case if it is damp and moist, a box fan should be used to dry it. Mold and fungus can build up if water remains there.

Start Your Own Home Herb Garden-Herb Garden Ideas

We all know about the importance of herbs, and no one can’t deny the value of them. Having a herb garden at home is always incredible. Here are few effective herb garden ideas for your home gardening. Herbs are since long time immemorial. These are used to serve different kinds of purposes; sometimes they are used for cooking and on the other time these are used for illness purposes, culinary, aromatic, pest control and companion plants.

Herbs are wonderful to grow when you have a little bit experience about home gardening. More interestingly it does not require enough area to grow; even a plot of four feet by six feet is enough to support a small family. You can plant herbs as hedge also. Herb plants are famous due to many other benefits like medicinal benefits along with beautiful flowers and fragrance. You can also use herbs to garnish your food as fresh or in dry form.

Beginners Have to Get Before Start

People who are already involved in gardening can quickly understand the nature of herb plants, but for beginners, it’s essential to get some initial information before the start. For this, you can enjoy internet surfing or get some ideas from the experienced people who are already doing the same job around your society.
Selection and Features of Location

Select the area how much you can comfortably manage. That must be featured by at least 6 hours of sunlight, well-drained soil, afternoon filtered light and easy access to water. A herb garden requires a small area, and it is always manageable for everyone. Also, you can consider a square herb bed is dividing into two paths of 3 feet. To give border stones and bricks is a beautiful option for you.

Plan for Garden

Before starting, you must prepare for herb plants like which type of herbs you want to plant, consider their types. Do you want them as annuals, biennials or perennials? It would be helpful and easily practicable for you if you draw your garden on paper first. While herb gardening space among the plants is critical, considered how much space will be occupied by the plants. You must plan for the separation of annuals, perennials, and biennials. So when the time comes for annuals, you would not be disturbed the others. Always choose shorter ones for the front and taller for a back. Plan for a proper position will provide enough space to grow.

Add Some Fresh Herbs for Your Kitchen

Mostly people like to grow fresh herb plants in their garden. It’s valuable to you when you provide fresh sweet basil leaves and garlic to your kitchen. Fresh basil leaves are in common for salads making and are also considered for tomato dishes and different sauces. Garlic is always the best choice to grow in a herb garden. Garlic is full of minerals and has many other medical properties. Garlic is very useful for those people who are facing any heart disease. More interesting thing is its everyday use in every kitchen, doesn’t matter

you want to cook a chicken dish or a vegetable. The best time to grow garlic is a tart of spring, and you have to select a sunny spot for it or a little shady can also be chosen.
Some Other Considerable Categories to Add

• Angelica is a biennial type to grow; light shades are required for it, and commonly used for drinks, jellies and in candies.
• Basil is considered as annual type require light sun and common uses are eggs, fish, sauces, salads and fragrance.
• Bay Laurel is also treated as annual and generally uses for seafood, soups, sauces etc.
• Chives have perennial category, need light sun and use for soups, cheese and salads etc.
• Dill is another item for annual needs light sun and uses for flavoring pickles, salads and herb bands.
• Fennel requires light sun to grow; its seeds are uses in tea, cheeses and some especial sausage and leave for fish and salads.
• You can also treat Marjoram as annual, light sun is required for it and commonly used in soups, eggs, vegetables and meat stuffing.
• Mint family is also considerable as it’s very easy to look after. Not much sunlight require for it. Mints are famous to use in Sauces, jellies, teas and for fragrance.

Some Essentials

There is nothing more rewarding than to grow your own herbs when you go for herb garden. Home herb garden is really excellent drill for you when you pay a little attention on a daily basis for it. Once you established your own herb garden, you will get some experience also and in the next season you will be able to make the process your own. You can create your own home herb garden easily; just you have to provide effective drainage, fertile soil, enough sunlight and humidity to the plants.

Sunroom Furniture Designs to Make Your Sunroom Look Stunning

When you think of a sunroom, visions of cascading light pouring into a brightly lit room filled with sunroom furniture usually come to mind. When you’re designing this room you’re probably going to be trying to make this vision unfold in front of you to become a reality. Fortunately there are a lot of different styles of sunroom furniture to choose from ranging anywhere from vintage to modern. When it comes to a sunroom, basically anything goes and you are free to create with it to your heart’s delight.


Whether you are designing this room only to be an extension of your house where you along with the rest of your family can gather to unwind after a long day of work, or a place where friends and relatives can be entertained, you have free reign to design this sunroom just as you want it to be.

A themed look

Many people decide to go with a themed type of in the sunroom, which can be especially fun to work with. Perhaps you’d like the room to look Hawaiian with rattan decorations and colorful linens bringing the room to life. On the days when you plan to entertain Hawaiian drinks can be served and if you’re adventurous these drinks can be poured into hollowed coconut shells.

When you’re looking for comfort

Most people decide to make their sunroom a place to relax and deck it out with comfortable sunroom furniture. If you’re planning on having this room as a quiet space where you can go to lie down and read a book while enjoying the warm rays of the sun you will want to be looking for cozy and comfortable furniture. Look for big arm chairs and sofas that are just begging you to sit or lie down on them. Don’t be afraid to try them out when you’re shopping either.


If you’re searching online for sunroom furniture look for the types that have large cushions. With this type of sunroom furniture you’ll be concentrating on the comfort level instead of the look, but don’t worry. There are plenty of sunroom fashions available that are both a designer’s dream while offering all the comfort you’ll ever want or need.

Teak furniture

If you want your sunroom to look absolutely elegant and luxurious look through the teak sunroom furniture available. Teak always offers a timeless elegance to any room and it’s extremely durable as well. Anything from sofas, love seats, chairs, end tables, coffee tables and more are available in teak. You’ll have your choice between traditional and contemporary teak luxury furniture that can fit into any type of sunroom decor. The only thing you will need to keep in mind if you do choose to go ahead with teak furniture is that it will need to be conditioned every year to prevent any damage occurring from the frequent exposure to the sun.


Wicker sunroom furniture

This is by far the most popular type of sunroom furniture and for good reason. It is durable, reliable and available in any type of style. The best thing about wicker is it is lightweight, which makes it easy to move around the room when people arrive to visit. Wicker gives any sunroom a type of tropical feel and flavor and if that is your goal for the room, wicker should be at the top of your list for sunroom furniture.

Creating a color scheme

When you’re looking at your furniture options you will also want to keep the color scheme of the room in mind. Black and white combine together to make a striking sunroom but be careful that you don’t use too much black. If you do the room will appear to be too dark. Even with all of the light shining in, too much black will make the room appear somber and dull.


If you want to have a colorful sunroom you’ll need to remember that most fabrics will fade from direct sunlight rather quickly. When you’re choosing your fabric colors aim for the brightest colors available knowing that over time they will fade and become lighter. This should also be kept in mind when you’re choosing window coverings such as curtains or fabric blinds. If you choose lined curtains, however, these will not fade as quickly.


Remember that this is your sunroom and you can design it any way you want it to be. You want to have a sunroom where you can spend your leisure time and you want it to be as comfortable as possible without compromising on the look. No matter what type of sunroom furniture designs you choose, you can rest assured that you have the ability to design a special room for yourself where you can get away from it all and relax in peace and comfort.

The Essence And Attitude That Can Only Be Found In Western Furniture

Western furniture can best be described as representing the style found in the west and everything that goes along with it. This can be interpreted in many ways, which leads the style of the furniture with many variations. It’s a genre that doesn’t have any defined boundaries, just like the freedom of the Wild West. It’s a look that comes from natural materials and signifies the western attitude.


Western furniture can incorporate many different materials including wood, stone, rawhide steel and leather. While some of the designs are based on a cowboy type of theme, some of the western furniture pieces are based on designs from the Native American. Along with these core materials you may also see buckskin; fur and beads worked into the furniture beautifully.

The attitude of Western furniture

This is a free-spirited type of furniture that inspires a call back to nature. Just think back to the time when western pioneers made their own furniture from the materials that nature provided. It reflects not only the west, but the freedom that is a part of this culture. It is sometimes basic and at other times dramatic, Western furniture has an air about it that cannot be easily translated into simple terms.

Types of Western furniture

There is western furniture that can fit any room in your home. No matter what type of furniture piece you need or whether you want to redecorate the whole house from top to bottom, you’ll be able to find furniture with a western theme that will be able to tie everything together perfectly. It is distinctive original and unique.


This is not like shopping for regular store-bought furniture that is mass-produced in a factory. Most pieces are handmade with the utmost care given to quality and beauty. This furniture type can be found in chairs, sofas, entertainment centers, dining room tables and chairs, benches, pool tables, leather furniture, bedroom sets, and any other type of furniture that you could possibly need both indoors and outside on your patio or in your garden. There are also many different accessories and art pieces that can be purchased to finish off that western spirit and look that you’re trying to create.

Types of wood

Most western furniture is crafted using western woods like juniper, burl and pine.

The history of Western furniture

This type of furniture had a modest beginning in 1931 when a man named Thomas Molesworth opened a furniture company in Wyoming. This was the beginning of the genre and since then new methods, styles and materials have been incorporated into the creation of this furniture type. Although this was the start of commercialization of western furniture, this is not its true beginnings. Western furniture was indeed created by the men and the women of the west that used their pioneering skills to bring furniture into the home. During rough times and good times nature always provided enough materials to make hardy and durable furniture that would last for years. Along with the durability came comfort and beauty by adding accessories like rawhide, fur and other available materials like beads or antlers.


It’s exciting to think that these pioneering spirits were just making do with what materials were available at the time and would never have dreamed that it would still be replicated today. What they were providing to their homes was something that was more than just a piece of furniture. It was a devotion to work with the earth and what was being provided to create something special. Both contemporary and traditional western furniture is available, but they both share the same western flavor. Whether you are purchasing a brand-new home in the middle of the city or have a cottage in the country that you need to furnish, western pieces can fit right in. That’s one of the beauties about this kind of furniture. It can blend into any type of decor as long as you take the time to select pieces to match the setting you’re trying to create.

Outdoors furniture

If you have a patio or garden that needs new furnishings, there is some unique western outdoor furniture available. You don’t need to settle for the same patio furniture that your neighbors are choosing at their local home furnishing store. You can create a western look outside that matches the interior decor of your home. Most of this western garden furniture will also withstand the elements better than your neighbor’s factory-manufactured flimsy outdoor table, chairs or benches. Western furniture often looks bold, distinctive and rugged. It’s not a delicate type of furniture by any stretch of the imagination. Although it can be softened down, one of the things that you won’t be able to accomplish is to make it look delicate. This is the nature at its finest by presenting the rugged look of the west.