Start Your Own Home Herb Garden-Herb Garden Ideas

We all know about the importance of herbs, and no one can’t deny the value of them. Having a herb garden at home is always incredible. Here are few effective herb garden ideas for your home gardening. Herbs are since long time immemorial. These are used to serve different kinds of purposes; sometimes they are used for cooking and on the other time these are used for illness purposes, culinary, aromatic, pest control and companion plants.

Herbs are wonderful to grow when you have a little bit experience about home gardening. More interestingly it does not require enough area to grow; even a plot of four feet by six feet is enough to support a small family. You can plant herbs as hedge also. Herb plants are famous due to many other benefits like medicinal benefits along with beautiful flowers and fragrance. You can also use herbs to garnish your food as fresh or in dry form.

Beginners Have to Get Before Start

People who are already involved in gardening can quickly understand the nature of herb plants, but for beginners, it’s essential to get some initial information before the start. For this, you can enjoy internet surfing or get some ideas from the experienced people who are already doing the same job around your society.
Selection and Features of Location

Select the area how much you can comfortably manage. That must be featured by at least 6 hours of sunlight, well-drained soil, afternoon filtered light and easy access to water. A herb garden requires a small area, and it is always manageable for everyone. Also, you can consider a square herb bed is dividing into two paths of 3 feet. To give border stones and bricks is a beautiful option for you.

Plan for Garden

Before starting, you must prepare for herb plants like which type of herbs you want to plant, consider their types. Do you want them as annuals, biennials or perennials? It would be helpful and easily practicable for you if you draw your garden on paper first. While herb gardening space among the plants is critical, considered how much space will be occupied by the plants. You must plan for the separation of annuals, perennials, and biennials. So when the time comes for annuals, you would not be disturbed the others. Always choose shorter ones for the front and taller for a back. Plan for a proper position will provide enough space to grow.

Add Some Fresh Herbs for Your Kitchen

Mostly people like to grow fresh herb plants in their garden. It’s valuable to you when you provide fresh sweet basil leaves and garlic to your kitchen. Fresh basil leaves are in common for salads making and are also considered for tomato dishes and different sauces. Garlic is always the best choice to grow in a herb garden. Garlic is full of minerals and has many other medical properties. Garlic is very useful for those people who are facing any heart disease. More interesting thing is its everyday use in every kitchen, doesn’t matter

you want to cook a chicken dish or a vegetable. The best time to grow garlic is a tart of spring, and you have to select a sunny spot for it or a little shady can also be chosen.
Some Other Considerable Categories to Add

• Angelica is a biennial type to grow; light shades are required for it, and commonly used for drinks, jellies and in candies.
• Basil is considered as annual type require light sun and common uses are eggs, fish, sauces, salads and fragrance.
• Bay Laurel is also treated as annual and generally uses for seafood, soups, sauces etc.
• Chives have perennial category, need light sun and use for soups, cheese and salads etc.
• Dill is another item for annual needs light sun and uses for flavoring pickles, salads and herb bands.
• Fennel requires light sun to grow; its seeds are uses in tea, cheeses and some especial sausage and leave for fish and salads.
• You can also treat Marjoram as annual, light sun is required for it and commonly used in soups, eggs, vegetables and meat stuffing.
• Mint family is also considerable as it’s very easy to look after. Not much sunlight require for it. Mints are famous to use in Sauces, jellies, teas and for fragrance.

Some Essentials

There is nothing more rewarding than to grow your own herbs when you go for herb garden. Home herb garden is really excellent drill for you when you pay a little attention on a daily basis for it. Once you established your own herb garden, you will get some experience also and in the next season you will be able to make the process your own. You can create your own home herb garden easily; just you have to provide effective drainage, fertile soil, enough sunlight and humidity to the plants.


Tips to Help You Care for Your Wicker Sunroom Furniture

If you have wicker sunroom furniture you have probably made quite an investment in it and want it to last for years. In order to keep your Wicker furniture looking its finest and protecting it so that it will be able to stand the test of time, follow the tips below.
Handling scratches

If you have pets or children in your house you know how easily furniture can get damaged. Fortunately wicker is known for its durability and if it gets scratched these marks won’t show up because the color of the material remains constant right down to the core. You can expect no discoloration to show up when the furniture has been bumped or scratched. The only thing that you’ll need to do to keep the furniture looking like new is provide simple regular maintenance to it.
Regular maintenance

Just like any other piece of furniture that you have in your home regular maintenance is what’s going to keep your wicker furniture looking just like the first day you purchased it. The maintenance needed for this type of furniture is minimal and can be done weekly along with your other chores. Simply remove any covers and cushions on the furniture and then wipe it using a damp cloth. This will prevent dirt and dust from grinding into the wicker and making it appear dingy. It’s not necessary to use any harsh detergents since water does the trick. If you do decide to use any type of cleaner on your wicker sunroom furniture you’ll need to make sure that you rinse it all off carefully. Residue from cleaners can get sticky fast and attract a lot of dirt and dust.
Cushions and covers

Hopefully you have purchased wicker furniture that comes with cushions that have been protected from stains. If not, run out and purchase a can of stain repellent for furniture that you can apply right away. It usually doesn’t take long before you see a stain developing on the cushion or cover and a can of protection will cost less than $10.

If you have purchased cushions they should have a cover with a zipper on them so that the cover can be washed easily. In most cases these covers will be machine washable but check the washing instructions on the tag inside the cover before throwing them into the machine. These covers should be hung up to dry since drying them in a machine could end up shrinking them. If these covers can’t fit back onto the cushions you’ll either have to buy new covers or replacing the cushions entirely.
Wood and wicker

If you have furniture that is made of wood and wicker combined you may not want to use a damp cloth to clean the wicker. If the wood hasn’t been sealed one hundred percent you’ll end up wearing down the wood quicker by using a damp rag. It’s fine to use a dry cloth to remove the dirt and dust from the wicker and only use a damp rag when something sticky has attached itself to the furniture. Use this damp cloth cautiously being careful to avoid the wood. This way you’ll be able to maintain the wicker without causing any damage to the wood.
Outdoor care

If you take your Wicker sunroom furniture outside from time to time and set it up in the backyard when you’re having friends over for a barbecue you’ll be pleased to hear that no extra maintenance is required. Wicker is known for its strength and can withstand any of the elements that the weather delivers to it. Feel free to bring your wicker inside and outside whenever you please without having to worry about the effects the weather will have on it.
The one thing you do need to know

While wicker is durable and easy to clean the one thing that you really need to know about it is it can become brittle in a dry environment. If you notice that your wicker is starting to dry out there is an easy fix for this. Simply take the furniture outside and hose it down. This will help to restore any of the moisture content that has been lost due to dry conditions.
If only all furniture was this easy to care for! Wicker is a natural choice when it comes to sunroom or outdoor furniture. It is lightweight and easy to move around for people that love to change things up in their room and get bored by seeing their furniture in the same position day after day. It’s also durable, which makes it perfect for a busy household where it will be receiving a lot of use.

Wicker sunroom furniture is the best choice you can make when it comes to decorating and designing that special retreat in your house. While other furniture types can also look great in a sunroom, wicker just seems to add that extra tropical flair to the room that makes the space more inviting and appealing.