DIY: spray painting metal objects

Metal is a relatively easier surface to work with since it is already smooth and can adapt to most paints or spray paints. We are going to share some procedures how long does spray paint take to dry on wood, plastic, metal and other things. However in order to achieve a smooth and perfectly painted surface, you need to follow certain steps and take necessary precautions while working with spray paint on metal.

Rust and paint removal

Rust and paint removal

Before starting out with spray paint on metal, there are several things you need to check and be sure of. It is essential to note that there should be no rusting or left over paint on the metal surface otherwise the spray paint will just look uneven and have bubbles; in short, it will not be a pretty sight and your hard work will go to waste. So step one is to ensure that. To remove rusting you can use a rough brush or sandpaper and rub the surface until its smooth and rust free.

Organize surrounding area

Organize surrounding area.jpg

Spray painting can be a fun and exciting activity but it can be equally messy if the necessary precautions are not taken. So before you start the process of spray-painting on metal, make sure you are using a plastic sheet or a bunch on newspapers under it so that the paint does not get everywhere. Also, since spray paints come in an aerosol spray bottle, they have tiny particles that get everywhere and may cause trouble with breathing and so on. So the area you are using to do you spray paint job should be an open environment with easy ventilation.



To spray paint on metal, you need a special primer for that. Something that will keep the spray paint in place and also protect the metal surface underneath from rusting because that can also ruin the spray paint: if rust develops overtime after you have spray painted over the surface and it will be quite a hassle to remove all the paint again along with the rust and then repaint the whole thing again.

Test and paint

Test and paint.jpg

It is necessary to shake the can well before you directly use the spray paint on metal. This will ensure that the paint does not come out uneven and blotchy, which can ruin the whole look of the paint job. Also, before you actually start on the metal object, give it a test run on a random surface to check the spray and everything. Then, once you are satisfied with the results, you can go ahead and start painting the actual metal object and make sure you are using thing layers instead of using excessive paint on one spot.

If you do that it will cause bubble and uneven colors on the surface. So keep your distance and spray paint a thing layer first, then let it dry. Then you can go on and spray paint another layer if you are not satisfied with the first or if you just want to intensify the color and are not satisfied with the look it gives.

Test and paint.jpg


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