4 best paint ideas for your home

When you are redecorating or moving into a new home, then one of the most challenging steps in the entire process is choosing the perfect wall colour for each of the rooms. Every room depicts different areas of the house and each of these areas needs to be decorated and/or painted according to the vibe that the room gives. Here are few of the best colour paint house ideas for your home!

1. Mint Green

Mint Green

A mint green paint colour is one of the most basic yet gorgeous shades you should choose to go for when painting your house. The best part about this colour is that it can be used in any room and it will fit perfectly in each of them. It can be used in the lounge as it has a very cool colour feeling and makes the room look calmer and bigger. This is also a great colour paint house idea for a room in your house which has a lot of sunshine coming in it as it will just absorb the warmness of the sun and neutralize the bright sunlight in the room.

2. Cool toned grey

Cool toned grey.jpg

This is the simplest colour that you could go for in your house in any of your rooms as it just brings together the rooms perfectly. The best part about this colour paint is that it is a very open colour in the sense that it will not restrict you or create any problems for you when you are decorating the rooms. Since this is one of the more basic colour paint house ideas, in order to add a pop of colour to the room, there are a lot of colours that you could go for as anything and everything will look perfect when paired with grey.

3. White


Instead of going with a duller white colour for your house rooms, you can choose a brighter, more intense white colour which will just brighten up your room perfectly this colour is perfect for smaller places and darker rooms which do not get a lot of natural sunlight. The reason for using this colour in these specific areas is that it makes the area look a lot bigger and brighter. If you go for a darker colour in smaller rooms, the room will look even more congested than it already is.

4. Pale lilac purple

Pale lilac purple

While a lilac purple shade may be quite intimidating for some people to opt for, this colour is one of the unique colour paint house ideas as long as it is used in the right shade and in moderation. This colour can be perfect for a bedroom colour or a living room colour as well with the decorations in contrast with it being in whites, greys or blacks. Choosing these colours will not only balance out the different than usual lilac colour, but they will also help to amplify the effect of the lilac purple shade in your room.


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