How to Remove Rust Stains from Marble

Rust stains are created because of iron particles in the water. These stains ad marks become darker because of the chlorine in the water. Marble is basically a porous stone and because of this stain soak into it easily. And poultice is required in order to eradicate the stains of rust.

Following is the procedure of how to remove rust stains from marble.

Remove Rust Stains from Marble


How to remove rust stains from marble using iron out and distilled water

Material Required:

• Rubber gloves
• Iron Out (powdered version)
• Distilled water
• Plastic wrap
• Tape
• A plastic scraper
• A cloth

Steps to remove rust stains from marble:

Step: No: 1:

First of all, you are required to wear durable, long lasting and strong rubber gloves for cleaning as they are going to protect the hands.

Step: No: 2:

Now, the distilled water is mixed with the little amount of powdered Iron Out and you need to prepare a paste of it.

Step: No: 3:

A thick coating of the paste around ¼ inches is spreading all over the rust stain. The paste is only applied on the rust stain area and not on the nearby parts.

Step: No: 4:

The plastic wrap is used with the help of which the paste is covered. The corners of the plastic wrap are taped down that is going to hold up the moisture inside.

Step: No: 5:

The poultice is left over on the rust stains for at least 24 hours.

Step: No: 6:

Only the plastic wrap and the tape are removed.

Step: No: 7:

Now, the paste is allowed to dry totally.

Step: No: 8:

A plastic scraper is used with the help of which the paste is scrapped off the counter.

Step: No: 9:

A damp and a wet cloth is used with the help of which the area is wiped and this is going to eradicate any of the excess and remaining from the prepared paste.

Step: No: 10:

Normally clean that particular area.

Step: No: 11:

If required, then, repeat the procedure. It may require numerous applications for the full removal of the rust stain.


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