How to Use a Plunger for Unclogging a Toilet

Most of the times toilet clogs and chokes always occur at the most inappropriate moments. Take a look at slow draining kitchen sink not clogged reasons and solutions. Most of the clogs and chokes are cleared by you and there is no need to pay the plumber. Most of the clogs are removed and cleared with the help of homemade drain cleaner and also with the help of a good plumber. The drain is snaked in case of deep clogs and chokes. Even, a wet or dry vacuum can unclog the toilet.

Following are the different methods of how to use a plunger for unclogging a toilet.


Procedure: No: 1:

How to use a plunger for unclogging toilet:

Material Required:

Hot Water
Old Towel

Steps needs to be followed:

Stage: No: 1

In order to create a good and a better seal, the plunger is run down below the hot water in order to soften it.

Stage: No: 2

The complete mouth of the toilet hole is covered by placing the plunger. And if you do not want to create a seal, an old towel is wrapped around the lower part of the plunger. And always ensure that it is not able to go down the toilet hole as it is going to make the block poorer and worse.

Stage: No: 3

Deprived of breaking the seal, the plunger is pumped for a small number of times. And ensure that, still the water is a few inches above and beyond the plunger.

Stage: No: 4

Now, the plunger is quickly pulled up as well as the seal breaks. The clog is cleared, in case if the water drives down through the drain. And if the clog is not cleared, then, the plunge is continued. It may require a small number of extra attempts as it depends upon how persistent the clog or the choke is.

Procedure: No: 2:

How to use a plunger for unclogging toilet:

Material Required:


Steps needs to be followed:

Step: No: 1

Ensure that water should remain standing in the bowl of the toilet. The head of the plunger should be submerged in the water so, make sure that there is enough water.

Step: No: 2

In order to make a vacuum, a plunger is used in order to cover the hole of the drain. Vacuum built up the pressure and the clog is forced by this built up vacuum, so, that the clog is moved down.

Step: No: 3

Use both of the hands in order to pull and push and force is applied as much as you can for the suctioning. Both pushing and pulling is important. The basic thing is to move the clog while the direction is not very significant.

Step: No: 4

The plunger is removed and the toilet is flushed after pulling and pushing the plunger for many times. The lid of the tank is off and the flapper is pushed down in case if the toilet starts to overflow.

Step: No: 5

If required, then, the procedure is repeated. The clog is cleaned with numerous tries.


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