How to Clean the Tomato Sauce Stains

As we all know that tomato sauce and the tomato juice are the essential and the basic ingredients in almost all of the dishes. Unluckily, tomato sauce leaves unsightly and nasty orange stains. And it is extremely difficult to remove tomato stains which are the basic problem.


Following are the procedures of how to clean the tomato sauce stains.

Procedure: No: 1:

Removing Fresh Tomato Sauce Stains

Material Required:

• Palmolive or Dawn dish soap
• Cold water

Instructions to Remove the Fresh Tomato Sauce Stains

1. Oil components are present in tomato stains and these stains can be removed by using dish soaps as they are really effective.

2. In the first step dish soap, for instance, Dawn or Palmolive is applied to the stain in the smallest amount.

3. Use the finger to gently scrub the stains. Or both sides of the cloth are rubbed together.

4. Cold water is used to rinse.

5. If any of the stain left, then, you need to repeat the process.

6. After the stains are eradicated or removed, wash the cloth as usual.

7. The fabric or the shirt should not be dried till all the stains are totally removed.

Procedure: No: 2:

Removing “Set” Tomato Sauce Stains

Material Required:

 Dishwasher detergent (make sure detergent does not contain bleach if the fabric is colored)

 Vinegar
 Ice cube

Instructions to Remove the Set Tomato Sauce Stains

1. Stained area is wetted with the help of water.

2. Dishwasher detergent is applied to the stain and then, the stain area needs to be lightly rubbed. Make sure, firstly a small unseen area is spot tested whether the texture or the color of the cloth changes or not.

3. Now, an ice cube is taken and you need to rub that ice on the stained area in order to rub out that stain.

4. If still any of the stain is left behind then, you need to take a clean cloth that is soaked in the vinegar and then, bolt that stain with that cloth. Any of the leftover stains are removed by the acid present in the vinegar.

5. Launder your fabric as usual, when all the tomato stains are removed.

Procedure: No: 3:

Boiling Water Method to Clean Tomato Sauce Stains

Material Required:

• Boiling water
• Heat resistant bowl

Instructions to clean tomato sauce stains

1. A bowl is taken and the fabric needs to be placed over that bowl, this positioned the stain in the middle of the bowl. The fabric is slightly stretched.

2. A pan or a kettle is taken in order to boil the water.

3. Now, the boiling water is poured down on the stained area of the fabric.

4. As the boiling water passes across the fabric, it is going to remove all the stains.


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