Bring Your Sunroom Alive with Wicker Sunroom Furniture

There’s something about wicker sunroom furniture that just can’t be put into words. It’s light, versatile and extremely durable. For more home décor ideas visit homeaholic that is full of useful information about home needs. If you plan on using your sunroom frequently you’ll want to invest in some high quality wicker furniture that will bring out the best in your room and make it a cozy and inviting place to settle during any month of the year.


When you use wicker sunroom furniture you’ll feel like you’re escaping to a tropical holiday destination. You’ll be able to lounge in the chairs or sofa to your heart’s content as the sun sets or rises in the most beautiful home in your house. The sunroom is the place that you can escape to when you need to get away from everything and get back into connection with the outdoors to some extent.

The history of wicker

Wicker was originally used in Egypt and can be traced back to biblical times. The first artifact made of wicker has been found in Egypt. Wicker made its way to the rest of the globe around the 1400 BC mark according to archaeologists. At the time it was used for tool making and then progressed as a material used for other purposes.

Wicker today

Today Wicker is used to make a variety of furniture and baskets. Since it is such a strong material it can be used for any type of furniture including shelving units that need to be extra strong. Wicker baskets can also hold a lot of weight and that is why they are perfect for virtually any type of use you can think of.


When you’re shopping for wicker sunroom furniture you’ll have a wide range of choices. You can either select furniture that’s made of wicker only or beautiful wicker and wood designs. It’s fascinating to see how well wood and wicker complement each other and you can certainly find some stunning pieces that will absolutely make your sunroom come alive.

Understanding wicker

Wicker furniture can be made from different materials including rattan, bamboo, reads, willow or peel cane. These materials are woven together in various patterns and shapes. When you look closely at the different wicker sunroom furniture available you’ll see that the different pieces are woven together differently. Some have a tighter weave to them and they are usually priced the highest. The tighter the weave on a piece of furniture the stronger you can expect it to be.

Styles of wicker sunroom furniture

When you’re out and about shopping for new sunroom furniture you’re going to be amazed at the wide selection available. In today’s market there are sofas, rockers, ottomans, chairs, all sorts of tables, love seats, coffee tables and even swinging chairs to choose from. You’ll also have your choice of colors so that you can pick the perfect wicker piece of furniture to complement your sunroom. There are sets as well that you can purchase so that all of the furniture in your sunroom matches.

You may also want to decide to mix and match your sunroom furniture to add a bit of variety to the space. There are no rules when it comes to decorating the sunroom since it is meant to be more of a casual and relaxed part of the house. This gives you a lot of flexibility to work with when you’re choosing your furniture.

You can choose to buy wicker furniture that comes with cushions or not. Sometimes you might want to choose the plain wicker look while at other times you might want to dress up the wicker to its full potential by purchasing cushions that have wild designs or trendy patterns on them. You’ll want to find out ahead of time, however, whether the cushions or fabric that are on display with the wicker furniture are included in the price or are priced separately. These add-ons are not always included and since they can be quite pricey you’ll need to find out beforehand.

When it comes to the price, you’ll also need to find out whether the cushions have already been stain guarded or not. If not, you’ll also have to purchase a stain guarded fabric treatment for them to make sure that they don’t get stained before you’ve even had a chance to really break in the furniture.

With the wear and tear that you’ll expect on this sunroom furniture you’ll want to protect the cushions as much as possible. Once they have become dirty it’s a lot harder to get them looking like new again than it is to simply take a few minutes and spray them with a protector before actually using them.

When it comes to your precious new wicker sunroom furniture you won’t want to take any chances. Make sure that you check out the prices, protect your cushions and make the right choice about style and color. Once you’ve found the right furniture pieces at the right price you’ll be able to introduce them into your sunroom and enjoy them for many years to come.


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