Best Ways to the Clean Dust of the Sofa

The perfect place to relax and calm down after a long and tidy day is your comfortable sofa or couch and it provides an essential and needed comfort. And sometimes these sofas or couches take in late-night snack or stinky feet. Whenever there is a party in your house or you come from work, you always want to relax and feel comfortable on a clean and dust less sofa. You sofa gets grimy, dirty and as well as it collects the whole things from the dead cells of skins and waste and excess crumbs of food and it requires a deep cleaning to remove all these.
You should have to clean your sofas once in a month and it depends upon how much dirty your sofa is.

Following are the best ways to clean the dust of the sofa.

1.    Vacuum

A hand vacuum or even a vacuum brush attachment is used in order to clean the dust and remaining from the surface of the sofa. Cracks and gaps should also be cleaned as pet hair, dust, dirt and food crumbs are accumulated. Cushions should also be vacuumed from both sides.

2.    Clean the wood or metal areas

A mixture of liquid dish soap and warm water is used to wipe down the non-fabric portions of the sofa as well as the sofa feet.

3.    Determine the type of fabric you’re dealing with

You should have to read all the guidelines from the cough’s tag to clean the dust of the sofa. Following are the codes that are found on the tag.

•    WS: Dry-cleaning detergent or steam vacuum mild detergent should be used.
•    S: Dry cleaner detergent should be used only.
•    X: only a vacuum should be used. No water.
•    W: Water should be used.

4.    Remove stains

A commercial cleaner is used to remove the sofa stains. While, homemade cleaners that are made from the natural ingredients can also be used to remove sofa stains as it is cheaper.

The following is how to clean dust off the sofa by means of fabric type:

•    For fabric upholstery:

¼ cups of vinegar are mixed in 3/4 warm water. One tablespoon of Castile soap or dish soap is also added to the mixture. A spray bottle is used to fill the mixture. Spray on the soil or dirty area. A soft cloth is used to scrub it till all the stains and dirt lifts. Then, the soap is removed by using a second clean, wet cloth with clean water. At the end, a towel is used to dry it.

•    For leather fabric

1/2 cups of olive oil are mixed in 1/4 cups of vinegar. A spray bottle is used to fill the mixture in it. The cleaner is sprayed on the couch’s surface. And a soft cloth is taken to buff.

5.    Let the couch, dry.

The remaining excess water on sofa surface is soaked up by using a towel. Allow the sofa to dry through the air. In case if it is damp and moist, a box fan should be used to dry it. Mold and fungus can build up if water remains there.


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