Gone are the days when the kitchens were used to be simple, and their décor was not paid much importance. A few decades back, kitchens were usually simple and lacked the ambiance to attract people. But times and trends are changed now. People invest a lot on the beauty and décor of their homes, including the kitchen. And why not? When a woman usually spends most of her time in the kitchen, so it should be such that one feels like spending time there. A kitchen should be appealing to the eyes and comfy in use.


Nowadays, vintage look for kitchens has taken over. Even farmhouse look for kitchens is very much in trend. Wooden or vinyl flooring which gives the impression of wood is preferred. The kitchen island is given a lot of attention too. It usually consists of drawers and shelves, providing good storage space. To make the island look attractive, rustic lights are added. Believe me, rustic island lighting does wonder to the look of your kitchen.


These beautiful rustic lights add a lot of beauty to the island of the kitchen. By adding these lights, you can give a whole new look to your kitchen. These lights come in such a great variety that you are surely going to find one of your choices. From farmhouse pendants to chandeliers, to even vintage style mini pendants, you are going to find all types and styles. As they come in different styles, thus their prices vary too, and you can get one in your budget very easily.
Let us have a look at some of the different types of rustic island lighting that the market is flooded with these days.

Okay, so farmhouse pendants usually look like open cages. In the base, there is a candelabra (a holder for multiple candles or lights). Such lights are usually used at the entrance of the house but are now being very popularly used over kitchen islands. They add a very warm and grand look to the kitchen.

Rustic chandeliers are also a good option to add above your kitchen island if you want a grand yet traditional look. The frames of these chandeliers usually give a wooden or leather look. They have lots of holders for bulbs or candles. Add these only if you have a big kitchen. These chandeliers are big in size and are not ideal for small kitchens. People who are more likely to stick to the old fashion are the ones usually opting for these.

These are best for those who are comfortable with experimenting. You can add outdoor lights to the island of your kitchen, and trust me they don’t look weird; in fact, they look great. These lights give a touch of modernism. They are perfect for a small kitchen as these lights are not very huge. Outdoor rustic lights are available in a vast variety. Adding these lights to your kitchen would give it more of a touch of an inn.

You can create a rustic kitchen look with vintage style mini pendants too. They come in different styles and are great to buy. These lights give a classy and traditional look to the kitchen. They are also available in gas lantern style. These shades are often painted in a mosaic style, giving them a very cultural and rich-in-art kind of look. Vintage style mini pendants are usually given a touch of bronze or copper paint to give them a vintage look.


While buying rustic lights, you should keep the following things in mind:
• The size of your kitchen (small lights in case of a small kitchen and big lights for a big kitchen)
• Cabinets and floor of the kitchen (in case of dark cabinets and floor, don’t buy very dark and heavy rustic lights)
• Furniture in the kitchen (try to buy rustic lights that match the shade of your kitchen furniture)
• Install them high (higher installation will give a spacious look to the kitchen)


In case you are bored of your kitchen and don’t like the look of it, you don’t have to think of renovating the whole kitchen. Just making a few changes in it can give a modified and better look to your kitchen. Rustic lights tend to be one of the major things which bring a drastic change in the look of the kitchen. Just by adding these lights above your kitchen island, you can get a kitchen that has a totally different look. Rustic lights in the kitchen create an inviting and appealing ambiance. They add beauty and class even to a simple kitchen.


Finding rustic lights of your choice is not a problem at all. They are very easily available in the market. The good thing is that they are available in a lot of styles and shapes thus there lies no issue in finding one of your choices. You can get your hands on these lights even while staying at home. Many companies have the facility of online stores, making these lights just a click away from you. Once you have chosen the lights, they are delivered at your doorstep. In case you are not someone who is easily satisfied with buying things on the internet, you can always go to the stores and buy them there.


I think a lot has been said about the types and availability of rustic kitchen island lights. They come in different styles, each having a different price, thus making them affordable for everyone. Now all you need is to think of adding these lights in your kitchen next time you don’t like the look of the old kitchen. These lights will surely give a better look to your kitchen, and you would not mind spending so much time in there.


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