Exploring Your Sunroom Furniture Options

With so many people choosing to add a sunroom to their homes, sunroom furniture options are exploding. This is good news for people that are looking at the choices available because they are planning to do something special with the room.

A sunroom is usually placed in a home as a room that can be accessed for comfort and relaxation. In most cases they are located in the southern part of the home to receive as much sunlight as possible. Deciding on the right furniture for the room will depend on many different things including durability, comfort and affordability. Of course, the appearance of the furniture will also play a major part in the decision-making process.
What is the purpose of your sunroom?

What do you intend on using the sunroom for? If you plan on doing a lot of entertaining in it you’ll want to include extra seating while keeping a lot of open space for entertaining. If you’d like something special to add to the sunroom, such as an open bar or a special table to play cards, you’ll want to match this furniture up to the other pieces in the room.

This brings into question the size of the room. Take a look around and see exactly how much furniture it can hold. If you start stuffing the room with a lot of sunroom furniture pieces you’ll end up with a cramped area that is not at all inviting. This is the last thing you’ll want to have happen with your room so take care to only look at furniture that will fit into the room perfectly without overfilling it.
If you’re not planning on entertaining in this room and just want it as an extra edition of the house that you and your family can enjoy, you’ll be looking through the comfortable yet stylish sunroom furniture options. You won’t need to add any type of formality to the room and will instead only be concentrating on comfortable furniture that is at the same time beautiful to look at.

Heavy or light furniture?

In most cases you’re going to be looking at furniture on the lighter side for a sunroom. Wicker types of pieces always work well in this environment since they blend in well with the outdoor feel of the room perfectly. Wood selections can also look great in a sunroom but can really only work in a room that’s large enough to accommodate chunkier furniture.
Wicker furniture

This type of furniture is all natural and extremely durable. It is a casual type of material that also looks classy and stunning at the same time. It’s extremely lightweight and can blend into almost any size of sunroom no matter how small it may be. Basically, you’ll never go wrong by choosing this type of furniture for your room but you certainly can look at the other sunroom furniture options available first before making a final decision on the wicker.

Rattan furniture

This type of sunroom furniture is manufactured from natural materials as well like palm canes. It is also light and comes in a variety of different styles and colors. This type of furniture, however, is not as strong as its wicker counterparts and can become weak after a lot of wear.
Wooden furniture

This is chunkier furniture that should only be selected for larger sunrooms. A popular choice for wooden sunroom furniture is teak since it’s such an elegant yet lightweight wood. Only look at this option if you have a large area to fill and feel that the wood pieces won’t be overbearing in the room.
This also won’t be your best choice if you are planning on taking the sunroom furniture outside from time to time. Some people like to use their furniture for both indoor and outdoor use. In this case you’d be better off choosing wicker since it can stand up to the elements better and it’s a lot easier to maintain for outdoor use.

Wrought iron furniture

This is also a good option if you plan on taking your furniture outside. It can also easily withstand nature’s elements and will not fade from the rays of the sun. It must be protected, however, if you plan on using it. It can either be painted or just touched up with a coat of protection every year. This type of furniture will definitely add a classy touch to your sunroom but it will all come down to personal preference whether you like the look of metal in a sunroom or want something that looks a little warmer.
The choices you make when you see the sunroom furniture options at your disposal will all depend on your personal taste. Your main goal is to make your sunroom as inviting as it possibly can be since you’ll probably be spending a lot of time in there relaxing or entertaining. You can have a lot of fun picking out your sunroom furniture by keeping these recommendations in mind to create the perfect atmosphere for the room.


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