Bring out the Best in Your Sunroom Using Different Colors and Designs in Sunroom Furniture


There’s nothing better than stretching out in the luxury of your sunroom with beautifully designed sunroom furniture. There’s something that just says lazy about a sunroom that has been decorated with taste and elegance while remaining casual. In order to make sure that your sunroom can give you everything that you’d like out of it, you’ll need to make certain that you take time and care looking for the right furniture. You’re going to be getting a lot of use out of your sunroom so make sure that you choose wisely when you’re shopping for the perfect furniture to fit into it.


When you’re looking at the different designs and colors in sunroom furniture keep in mind that functionality also plays a key role. You can expect this furniture to get a lot of exposure to the sun and not all material can withstand this exposure for very long.


Make sure that the furniture you choose is strong enough to survive the strong rays of the sun without fading. The last thing you’ll want to have happen is to choose a bright red or blue cushion to rest on your sunroom furniture only to find out a few months later that the wonderful blues and reds that you first chose have faded to a much lighter color. If you are shopping either through the Internet or looking in local stores for the right type of furniture the manufacturer should include fading information about the furniture pieces or cushions you are looking at.

Colors and designs

This is your sunroom and you’ll be able to decorate it any way you want. Anything goes with a sunroom since it’s supposed to be the casual room of your house where you can go with a good book and can lie down to catch a few rays. If you have a sunroom that’s quite large you’ll be able to get away with any type of designer color within it. Smaller sunrooms, however, won’t be able to take a lot of busy patterns or designs too well. When a small sunroom looks too busy it will send out a different type of energy than what you are looking for. The relaxed and casual look will be replaced by a fast action type of feel, which in most cases is not something that you are going to be looking for.

green-sunroomNeutral colors can always work in a sunroom but for most people this can seem to be too subdued. It’s nice to add some variety and spice to neutral furniture by adding some splashes of color in the form of pillows, lighting fixtures and other types of accessories.

Thin and elegant or chunky

Chunky sunroom furniture is best left for larger sunrooms that are trying to make a bold statement. This type of furniture does not work well in smaller sunrooms since this space becomes too crowded quite quickly and can add a sense of claustrophobia to the room, even if it is full of windows. If you have a sunroom on the smaller size it’s best to stick with thinner elegant furniture. While you may think that this chunky furniture will last a lot longer than its thinner counterparts, it all depends on the design of the furniture and the manufacturer. If you are choosing wicker furniture, for instance, it is extremely durable and can last the test of time without having to be chunky. Wood furniture as well will last for years no matter how thick or thin the furniture piece is.


If you plan on moving your sunroom furniture in and out of the room from time to time you’ll wanted it to be light and portable. This is where wicker furniture for the sunroom comes into play beautifully. It is both light enough to carry in and out of the room easily yet durable enough to withstand all the movement between rooms. A lot of people will transport their furniture outside on the bright sunny days and then carry it back in at night. If you think that you will be moving the furniture around quite often in the sunroom you’ll want to find something that’s easily portable that will complement your sunroom perfectly.

When it comes down to it, you’re going to have a lot of options to choose from with your sunroom furniture. Make sure that you choose the design and colors that fit into the sunroom as well as into your lifestyle. A sunroom can be one of the most enjoyable rooms in the house to decorate so make sure that you have a lot of fun when you’re picking out your new furniture and find the right pieces that make your sunroom a comfortable and relaxing place to enjoy.


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