How to Beautify Your Home with Full Length Wall Mirrors

photo credit flickr

photo credit flickr

Home is a place where we spend more time with our family and friends than anywhere. People that love to spend most of the time at their home always try to do something new to make their home more beautiful and relaxing.  A touch of art piece can do a lot to a simple room. However, if you cannot afford expensive art pieces, mirror can add a lot to your home. Full length wall mirrors are truly masterpieces that can beautify your home in your range. In this regards, Homeaholic provides extremity that could be really helpful for you.

In some cases, full length wall mirrors are considered essential because they can do a certain job that other mirrors are unable to do.  Full length mirrors are an important part of bedrooms for morning routine.  There are many ways in which large mirrors are used.

  • They add a stylish touch to the room design.
  • The can improve the lighting in the dark space and can create additional space.
  • Can be used to additional views for three dimensional objects.
photo credir flickr

photo credir flickr

Different Types of Mirrors:

Try to select the right size and shape for your desired position. Because if you place a large mirror at small area, it will not add a charming effect but can cause the area to appear rather ugly. So, go with the rule of the right mirror for the right place. Large mirrors are available in different shapes and sizes. If you are going to use a mirror for dressing and grooming, rectangle wall or easel back mirror are perfect for you.  Also make sure that the mirror properly coordinates with the other furniture of the room and other items too. If you are going to use it to add light to the room, try to place it across from the window. Place the mirror against the wall to add space and lightening.
It is a common habit of everyone to look-up at them in the mirror while before going out. Full length wall mirrors are best in bedrooms and bathrooms. They are too handy in giving you a full and clear view of yours from every aspect and angle. It is a natural fact that a good view of yours creates a sense of satisfaction in you.

photo credit flickr

photo credit flickr

Instruction for Installation and Maintenance:

Obviously, large mirrors do need cleaning from time to time. Newspaper and glass cleaner are best options for this purpose. Use warm water along with a soft cloth to clean the frame. Newspaper and vinegar are smooth cleaners for mirrors. When your new mirror is ready to install, keep few facts in your mind.

  • Place the mirror at the place where are considering it to install, let someone hold the mirror. Now step back and check the place properly whether it is right or not.
  • Mark the area on the wall with a pencil and then follow the instruction of the installation.

Full length wall mirrors are easily available on home improvement stores. The wide range of variety is also available on online stores. There are two main things while choosing a mirror, function and utility. With proper planning and with-in your budget, you can enjoy a decent and enchanting brand new full length wall mirror.


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