DIY: spray painting metal objects

Metal is a relatively easier surface to work with since it is already smooth and can adapt to most paints or spray paints. We are going to share some procedures how long does spray paint take to dry on wood, plastic, metal and other things. However in order to achieve a smooth and perfectly painted surface, you need to follow certain steps and take necessary precautions while working with spray paint on metal.

Rust and paint removal

Rust and paint removal

Before starting out with spray paint on metal, there are several things you need to check and be sure of. It is essential to note that there should be no rusting or left over paint on the metal surface otherwise the spray paint will just look uneven and have bubbles; in short, it will not be a pretty sight and your hard work will go to waste. So step one is to ensure that. To remove rusting you can use a rough brush or sandpaper and rub the surface until its smooth and rust free.

Organize surrounding area

Organize surrounding area.jpg

Spray painting can be a fun and exciting activity but it can be equally messy if the necessary precautions are not taken. So before you start the process of spray-painting on metal, make sure you are using a plastic sheet or a bunch on newspapers under it so that the paint does not get everywhere. Also, since spray paints come in an aerosol spray bottle, they have tiny particles that get everywhere and may cause trouble with breathing and so on. So the area you are using to do you spray paint job should be an open environment with easy ventilation.



To spray paint on metal, you need a special primer for that. Something that will keep the spray paint in place and also protect the metal surface underneath from rusting because that can also ruin the spray paint: if rust develops overtime after you have spray painted over the surface and it will be quite a hassle to remove all the paint again along with the rust and then repaint the whole thing again.

Test and paint

Test and paint.jpg

It is necessary to shake the can well before you directly use the spray paint on metal. This will ensure that the paint does not come out uneven and blotchy, which can ruin the whole look of the paint job. Also, before you actually start on the metal object, give it a test run on a random surface to check the spray and everything. Then, once you are satisfied with the results, you can go ahead and start painting the actual metal object and make sure you are using thing layers instead of using excessive paint on one spot.

If you do that it will cause bubble and uneven colors on the surface. So keep your distance and spray paint a thing layer first, then let it dry. Then you can go on and spray paint another layer if you are not satisfied with the first or if you just want to intensify the color and are not satisfied with the look it gives.

Test and paint.jpg


How to Clean Refrigerator Quickly

The refrigerator is the hardest and the toughest working appliance in any house. The refrigerator is subjected to overcrowding, varied odors and spills and this is among those appliances in any home that no ever gets the rest. Your food I kept fresh when you have a clean refrigerator. So, always try your best in order to maintain and sustain the cleanliness and purity of this kitchen appliance.

Clean Refrigerator Quickly

Following is the procedure of how to clean refrigerator quickly.


Material Required:

A non-abrasive sponge
Multipurpose cleaning spray
Dish soap
Dish towels
Paper towels
An old toothbrush (optional)
Stainless steel cleaner (optional)
Microfiber cloth (optional)


1. In the first step, the refrigerator is unplugged. If the refrigerator requires certain serious scrubbing and cleaning power and it shelves are non-removable, then, the fridge is unplugged and the energy is not going to waste. The refrigerator remains plugged in, in case if the shelves of the refrigerator are removable.

2. Empty the refrigerator. All the things need to be taken out of the refrigerator and you can place them on the countertop. Expired or the old food items are compost, recycle or toss. You can even make the groups of the items, so, it is easier for you to put all the things back.

3. All the drawers and the shelves are removed. Also eradicate any of the elements that are present inside the refrigerator.

4. Soapy and warm water are now used to wash it. A soft cloth or a sponge is taken in order to wash the removable parts that are drawers and the shelves in the sink or in the bathtub. Then, rinse it and leave it to air dry.

5. Now, inner side of the refrigerator is cleaned. A multipurpose cleaner is used and that is sprayed on all the inner parts of the refrigerator. Then, wipe it down. Also ensure that the rubber door seal, shelf seams, shelves and the walls are wiped down. Sticky and the caked-on spills are removed by using a non-abrasive sponge. And an old toothbrush is used in order to get in the gaps and the crevices.

6. All the drawers and the shelves are replaced that you actually out.

7. A damp cloth is used in order to wipe down all the bottles, jars and the containers before all the food puts back, then, you need to replace it.

8. Plug back in the refrigerator, in case it is unplugged while cleaning.

9. A damp cloth is used and it is soaked in the soapy and clean water and it is used in order to wipe down all the external parts of the refrigerator. Then, a microfiber cloth, a dish towel or a paper towel is used in order to immediately dry it.

How to Clean a Toilet Bowl Brush

The task of cleaning the bathroom takes a lot of time as it has a different kind of surfaces. It is such kind of place in any of the house that needs regular cleaning because of its frequent use. Take a look at how to unclog drain with baking soda and salt. Cleaning a toilet bowl brush is not one of the favorite items to do in any house. Cleaning of the toilet bowl brush is considered as the most worst cleaning job in any home. Beside all these, you have to clean it regularly and disinfected too.

Thus, following are the methods of how to clean a toilet bowl brush.


Method: No: 1:

How to clean a toilet bowl brush with bleach:

Material Required:

• Bleach
• Hot water
• Bucket

Steps to clean a toilet bowl brush with bleach:

1. A bucket is used and it should be half full with the hot water.

2. Two cups of the bleach are added to the water.

3. The toilet brush needs to be placed in the bleach water, and let it soak in it for around one hour. If required, then, soak it for longer.

4. The water is removed, when it is cleaned. Now, clean water is taken in order to rinse and wash it. And then, it is allowed to dry totally.

5. This cleaning method can be performed within the toilet without the use of the hot water. The bleach simply needs to be poured down the bowl of the toilet. The brush is placed in the toilet bowl and allows it to stay there for numerous hours. At the end, you are going to get a clean toilet bowl as well as a clean brush.

Method: No: 2:

How to clean a toilet bowl brush with eco-friendly method:

Material Required:

• Washing soda
• Bucket
• Water

Steps to clean a toilet bowl brush with eco-friendly method:

1. A bucket is used and it should be half full with the water.

2. Two to three cups of the washing soda crystals are added to water.

3. The toilet brush is placed in the prepared mixture, and let it saturate and soak for numerous hours. Now, the brush is removed to know whether it is cleaned or not. If required, then, more washing soda crystals are added. Then, again soak or saturate it for longer, if required.

4. When the brush is cleaned, it is removed from the water, washes and rinses it, and it is allowed to dry totally.

5. This cleaning method can be performed within the toilet. The crystals simply need to be poured down the bowl of the toilet. The brush is placed in the toilet bowl and allows it to stay there for numerous hours. Even though this procedure is milder, but still it is effective and operative with extra time.

4 best paint ideas for your home

When you are redecorating or moving into a new home, then one of the most challenging steps in the entire process is choosing the perfect wall colour for each of the rooms. Every room depicts different areas of the house and each of these areas needs to be decorated and/or painted according to the vibe that the room gives. Here are few of the best colour paint house ideas for your home!

1. Mint Green

Mint Green

A mint green paint colour is one of the most basic yet gorgeous shades you should choose to go for when painting your house. The best part about this colour is that it can be used in any room and it will fit perfectly in each of them. It can be used in the lounge as it has a very cool colour feeling and makes the room look calmer and bigger. This is also a great colour paint house idea for a room in your house which has a lot of sunshine coming in it as it will just absorb the warmness of the sun and neutralize the bright sunlight in the room.

2. Cool toned grey

Cool toned grey.jpg

This is the simplest colour that you could go for in your house in any of your rooms as it just brings together the rooms perfectly. The best part about this colour paint is that it is a very open colour in the sense that it will not restrict you or create any problems for you when you are decorating the rooms. Since this is one of the more basic colour paint house ideas, in order to add a pop of colour to the room, there are a lot of colours that you could go for as anything and everything will look perfect when paired with grey.

3. White


Instead of going with a duller white colour for your house rooms, you can choose a brighter, more intense white colour which will just brighten up your room perfectly this colour is perfect for smaller places and darker rooms which do not get a lot of natural sunlight. The reason for using this colour in these specific areas is that it makes the area look a lot bigger and brighter. If you go for a darker colour in smaller rooms, the room will look even more congested than it already is.

4. Pale lilac purple

Pale lilac purple

While a lilac purple shade may be quite intimidating for some people to opt for, this colour is one of the unique colour paint house ideas as long as it is used in the right shade and in moderation. This colour can be perfect for a bedroom colour or a living room colour as well with the decorations in contrast with it being in whites, greys or blacks. Choosing these colours will not only balance out the different than usual lilac colour, but they will also help to amplify the effect of the lilac purple shade in your room.

Teen Boys Bedroom Decoration Ideas

A teen boy’s bedroom is private place where he can spend most of the time comfortably when he wants to be alone and where he feels free to add his own touch to his room. Here are different types of decorative pillows for teen body bedroom. A place for teenage boy is not just a room for him but it serves as an office, a social area where he can meet his friends and spend a joyful time with them. So, it means that the bedroom must be flexible and multifunctional. There are no specific rules for decorating a teenage boy’s bedroom.

Teen Boys Bedroom Decoration Ideas.jpg

But there are several important things that are essential for decoration. It means that you should properly plan to find a space-saving solution that could help you to store the furniture and decorate the bedroom with ease. Here we will discuss all the important aspects such as multifunctional furniture, colors, themes and other favorite elements or hobbies that are necessary for teenage bedroom decoration. You should check Teen boy bedroom Ideas Resource post, and How to make over teen boy bedroom posts also.

Some people consider that the decoration for teenage boy room is one of the hardest things for them. Well, this true to some extent but not that much, all it needs is a careful consideration and proper planning. Teenage is the age where boys start learning what they like and what they actually want to be. It is quite easy to generate a decorating idea once you know about the teenagers’ likes and dislikes.

types of decorative pillows for teen body bedroom.jpg

Every person has a different and unique personality from others, so it means that styles and decorating themes will change from person to person. Teenage thoughts turn very quickly you cannot satisfy them easily, so give them plenty of time to make up their minds before starting decorating their room. Here are some useful ideas that will surely help you in decorating a perfect room for teenage boys.

Choose the Appropriate Furniture

No bedroom can exist without the classic furniture. It is the most important part of any bedroom. It is important to select versatile bedroom furniture for teenage bedroom. Because many of them will be attending college in next few years, so it is necessary to have such furniture that may blend in well. This is also that time when most of the teens are moving to a double bed from a twin bed which also indicates towards a new bedding, bed frame and mattress. Most of the teenagers change their mind about things rapidly, so it is appropriate to purchase bedroom furniture that goes perfect with different styles, and that can be easy to change to suit the variety of needs.

Most importantly, choose the furniture that offers that maximum amount of comfort to the child. The furniture must be supportive in order to meet the needs of children correctly. Students spend a fair amount of time regularly studying in their rooms, so practical and comfortable desk with chair is also an important part of the room’s décor.

One of the important things is to find that pieces of furniture that matches what the room already contains. If metal is dominating the room with frames and trimmings then, it is better to buy a desk with a metal frame. Same is the case with wooden desk. Also allow the boys to add their flair by selecting their pillows and comforter.

Choose the Proper Color Scheme

Though teenage is unique stage and age yet, you can let you children make their choices fully. Color is one serious aspect of the bedroom that should be considered carefully. You can guide you children in a proper way. First let them to pick their favorite color scheme. You can also guide them to choose the best color that goes well with their room. Solid neutrals and bright colors are best choices for teen’s bedrooms. Neutral colors are known as non-colors; they are perfect for teenagers. These colors may not be much trendy, but then other are stable colors and the teenagers do not like them when their fade changes. Pink shades are excellent for girls who love to give their room a feminine touch. Parrot green and navy blue are perfect for both young boys and girls. Another good idea is to choose vibrant colors such as blue and purple; these colors go with light colored furniture.

Choose the Suitable Theme

Careful selecting of a theme is also critical for decorating a bedroom. You can select the theme quickly by having the proper knowledge of boy’s interests and tastes. For instance, does he love sports? Or he likes camping and outdoors, hunting, fishing. Here are some useful theme ideas for your children’s bedroom. Hope they will provide some inspiration. Music theme is probably the most famous theme for teenagers. This theme is composed of many vibrant and splashy colors. Choice can also be made with the help of rap artists, dj’s, and dancing crowd too.

This type of teen bedding can be purchased with a duvet cover and including pillow cases, shams, sheets and bed skirt to match. You can also create and add wall stickups of their boy’s favorite rock star or hip hop band. You can turn an ordinary room into a well-decorated bedroom with images of their favorite stars. Gothic is another famous theme for teenage boys. Black on the back is best color for teenage gothic enthusiast. A bed in this theme is available in seven pieces that include softest bed sheets, microfiber comforter, two shams, and a pair of decorative pillows. Vampire wall hangings and posters with black lights are also useful to complete the revival of the medieval look. There are also other themes such as sports; movie character, etc. are also teenager’s favorite themes for their bedrooms.

Other Accessories for the Room

Besides the above mention things, some other accessories are also necessary for bedroom decoration. Wall hangings are entirely appropriate to enhance the appearance of the bedroom. Poster of their favorite characters such as Jonas Brothers and many other posters that represent the craze of the time are also a good idea for decoration. These are fair ideas but guidance from your children can always be very useful. Artworks and crafts of lasting value are other good ideas for real bedroom back. As mentioned above that teenager’s taste change in no time, so if the room is decorated with the current trend, it will appear embarrassing after a time. So try to decorate the room with versatile furniture, themes and accessories for long term. Let them select the fancy corners for themselves that can be continually modified. However, guide them also for the rest of the room in a proper way.

How to Remove Rust Stains from Marble

Rust stains are created because of iron particles in the water. These stains ad marks become darker because of the chlorine in the water. Marble is basically a porous stone and because of this stain soak into it easily. And poultice is required in order to eradicate the stains of rust.

Following is the procedure of how to remove rust stains from marble.

Remove Rust Stains from Marble


How to remove rust stains from marble using iron out and distilled water

Material Required:

• Rubber gloves
• Iron Out (powdered version)
• Distilled water
• Plastic wrap
• Tape
• A plastic scraper
• A cloth

Steps to remove rust stains from marble:

Step: No: 1:

First of all, you are required to wear durable, long lasting and strong rubber gloves for cleaning as they are going to protect the hands.

Step: No: 2:

Now, the distilled water is mixed with the little amount of powdered Iron Out and you need to prepare a paste of it.

Step: No: 3:

A thick coating of the paste around ¼ inches is spreading all over the rust stain. The paste is only applied on the rust stain area and not on the nearby parts.

Step: No: 4:

The plastic wrap is used with the help of which the paste is covered. The corners of the plastic wrap are taped down that is going to hold up the moisture inside.

Step: No: 5:

The poultice is left over on the rust stains for at least 24 hours.

Step: No: 6:

Only the plastic wrap and the tape are removed.

Step: No: 7:

Now, the paste is allowed to dry totally.

Step: No: 8:

A plastic scraper is used with the help of which the paste is scrapped off the counter.

Step: No: 9:

A damp and a wet cloth is used with the help of which the area is wiped and this is going to eradicate any of the excess and remaining from the prepared paste.

Step: No: 10:

Normally clean that particular area.

Step: No: 11:

If required, then, repeat the procedure. It may require numerous applications for the full removal of the rust stain.

How to Use a Plunger for Unclogging a Toilet

Most of the times toilet clogs and chokes always occur at the most inappropriate moments. Take a look at slow draining kitchen sink not clogged reasons and solutions. Most of the clogs and chokes are cleared by you and there is no need to pay the plumber. Most of the clogs are removed and cleared with the help of homemade drain cleaner and also with the help of a good plumber. The drain is snaked in case of deep clogs and chokes. Even, a wet or dry vacuum can unclog the toilet.

Following are the different methods of how to use a plunger for unclogging a toilet.


Procedure: No: 1:

How to use a plunger for unclogging toilet:

Material Required:

Hot Water
Old Towel

Steps needs to be followed:

Stage: No: 1

In order to create a good and a better seal, the plunger is run down below the hot water in order to soften it.

Stage: No: 2

The complete mouth of the toilet hole is covered by placing the plunger. And if you do not want to create a seal, an old towel is wrapped around the lower part of the plunger. And always ensure that it is not able to go down the toilet hole as it is going to make the block poorer and worse.

Stage: No: 3

Deprived of breaking the seal, the plunger is pumped for a small number of times. And ensure that, still the water is a few inches above and beyond the plunger.

Stage: No: 4

Now, the plunger is quickly pulled up as well as the seal breaks. The clog is cleared, in case if the water drives down through the drain. And if the clog is not cleared, then, the plunge is continued. It may require a small number of extra attempts as it depends upon how persistent the clog or the choke is.

Procedure: No: 2:

How to use a plunger for unclogging toilet:

Material Required:


Steps needs to be followed:

Step: No: 1

Ensure that water should remain standing in the bowl of the toilet. The head of the plunger should be submerged in the water so, make sure that there is enough water.

Step: No: 2

In order to make a vacuum, a plunger is used in order to cover the hole of the drain. Vacuum built up the pressure and the clog is forced by this built up vacuum, so, that the clog is moved down.

Step: No: 3

Use both of the hands in order to pull and push and force is applied as much as you can for the suctioning. Both pushing and pulling is important. The basic thing is to move the clog while the direction is not very significant.

Step: No: 4

The plunger is removed and the toilet is flushed after pulling and pushing the plunger for many times. The lid of the tank is off and the flapper is pushed down in case if the toilet starts to overflow.

Step: No: 5

If required, then, the procedure is repeated. The clog is cleaned with numerous tries.